How does eSurvol work?

eSurvol is an extension of the Browser, and will help you identify and inform about the desired products.

Installing the extension

Installation is done in 3 easy steps, depending on the browser you are using.

Deleting and Deactivating the extension

The eSurvol extension can be easily deleted at any time from the Browser menu.

Finding products and information for users

eSurvol offers users instant information about the product they are looking for in the online environment on the pages set up. Thus, users have smart, instant access to the entire product portfolio of the Store.

Practically, useful and efficient

The information is sent to the user as a pop-up that appears in the corner of the monitor for 5 seconds. This information is direct link to the product you are looking for. Click on the informational window to open that page.

Flexibility and adjustment

Users can add to the eSurvol extension active online stores that are of interest in their future searches.


eSurvol does not record personal data of any kind.

Do you have any questions?

You can contact us at any time for any questions you may have.